Colorado Adventure 2014

Twenty-one scouts, venturers, leaders and parent helpers from Kama are going to Colorado this mid-term break. The main group departs Kama scout hall 00:30AM on 3 July and will have a fantastic adventure in the US. The program includes a baseball match on July 4 with fireworks, hiking in some amazing national parks like Sand Dunes and Mesa Verde. We will do a canoe hike for three days down a river and also do white water rafting. We will attempt to climb a 14 000 foot peak (Mount Quandry – 4 350 metres), visit Vail (ski town) and the hot Glenwood Springs. We will also stay with American scout families attached to Troop 712 in Denver (the troop we are visiting/travelling with). We will even visit a huge water fun park (Water World) and even visit a famous Mexican restaurant that has been featured in South Park – Casa Bonita. Keep an eye out for a full report when we get back.


Kama Colorado Badge


30 Km Hike

On Saturday 7th June 6 scouts and 2 leaders headed off to Eden to endure a 30km hike.  The highlight of the walk was definitely the scenery including both ocean views and forests.  The weather was expected to be rainy but in the end was not that heavy.  We experienced light and occasional showers which made the walk more enjoyable.  The scouts encountered many mishaps including; Hugo and Bronte’s hats flying into the ocean, Anna falling into a creek, Luke touching stinging nettles and Stephanie walking into a lake in the dark.  The food on the hike was a group favourite and included a hike soup that we first discovered when in Norway in 2013.  It was a successful hike and we would definitely recommend the light to light walk for any future 30km hikes.



Cool Camp

Snow Fight

Scouts went to Cool Camp 14-15 June, at Woods Reserve, and it was amazing.  The highlight was the walk to the waterfall even though we ran into some problems crossing the river.  It was cold but no one minded the rain.  A scout is prepared so we enjoyed it anyway.  Unfortunately we could not go bob-sledding however we still had a great time building a bonfire, going to the Tidbinbilla space station, Namadgi visitors centre, visiting the Corin Dam, going to the Gibraltar Falls and having a snow ball fight on the road!


Welcome to Kamalot

Kama Scouts attended the Cotter Shield from 4 – 6th April at Camp Cottermouth.  The Scouts put in 3 weeks of preparation for the medieval themed activities.  We had patrol shields, flags, tunics and swords.  The scouts camped in patrols and managed all of their food, prep, meals, clean up, activity times and bed times.  Every patrol came home with a pennant.  The whole event was a great learning experience.

Cotter Shield

The Kama leaders, ably assisted by some Kama Venturers, managed a base called Kamalot where scouts were required to build a chariot to race.  Many a field was plowed and we managed to escape with little injury.  The winners were awarded a silk scarf by the suitably attired leadership group.  Thank you to those parents who helped to set up and pack down while we had all the fun!


Scholarship success

Bronte Sheaves has won a Jack Deeble Scholarship to assist her to travel to the World Jamboree in Japan in 2015.  Simone Forostenko has won a Mawson Scholarship to participate in a prestigous Venturer leadership camp in Sydney in October this year.  Congratulations to you both!  Take note Kama scouts and venturers – perhaps these scholarships are something you could apply for too.