K2 Willow Warriers

K2 Venturers (Correa, Simone, Evan, Micko and Eccles) joined a team of environment volunteers on Saturday to do some willow management work in the Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach.  This was a one-day trip paddling a 15km section of the River between Bredbo and Lawler Crossing.  Working and canoeing in pairs, willow control work was done using cut-and-paint and injection techniques.

Eccles writes, “the water was pretty cold to start, but we managed – they [UPDR] had some really good quality gear so core body stayed warm throughout. The guide was very experienced (been doing river guiding for 20 years), calm and a lovely bloke. The canoes they put us in were fantastic – they were inflatable (I was a little sceptical at first) but they were brilliant – they sat very high in the water and mostly flowed over rocks, very very stable, great carrying capacity and flexible.”

It was a long and tiring day, but also hugely satifsying for our guys.  In turn, everyone else in the volunteer party was really impressed that Scouts had got involved.