Canberra Times Fun Run

An intrepid band of Jamboree fundraisers braved the cold early on Fathers Day morning to volunteer at the Canberra Times Fun Run.  At the start of the 10km and 14km races, 13 of us handed out promotional headbands to the crowd.  Most people were very glad to accept an additional piece of clothing to cover their cold ears!  The photo shows Jessica, Ava and Roberta wearing headbands up and down their arms and legs. CT Fun Run-Sept 2015

Pizza Oven is happening!

The Venturers have been building a pizza oven.  Last weekend they completed the last major structural element (the lid or roof).  Last night, they lit a “cool” fire to test the draw of the flue and to help dry things out.  A few more bits and pieces (such as shelving) will see the pizza oven ready for a test run.  Brolga has kindly hauled in some logs for seating.  All-in-all, we’ve got the makings of a lovely area for eating, talking and contemplation of life’s important questions.

BRAVO-O-O to everyone involved!

The first flames in the pizza oven