Jamboree Visitors’ Day

[Translations before we begin:  “Visitors’ Day” is also called “Future Scout Day” and “Market Day”. This year, it is being marketed as “Super Saturday”].

Registration are now open for Jamboree Visitors’ Day.   Mark the date: Saturday 9 January 2016.

Visitors’ Day is intended for families to visit their scout, and also for Cub Packs to visit to get a feel for the excitement that lies ahead for them in the Scout section.

Bus transportation is available ($37.50 per ticket) open to families, cubs and scouting leaders.  All booking links are available on this website.

Canberra travellers can chooose from a Northside or Southside pick-up location.  A third bus has been made available exclusively for Cub Packs from the surrounding NSW Southern Ranges District.  This bus will pick-up in Queanbeyan and Goulburn.  Pass the word along!

Super Saturday Flier

K2 at Canberra Community Sleepout

Kama K2 Venturers participated once again in the annual St Vincent de Paul Society Canberra Community Sleepout event, which raises funds for homelessness. They were part of a larger ACT-wide team of Venturer Scouts who have adopted this event and cause.  There is no better way to explain their motivations than the words used on the ACT Venturer Scouts team fundraising page:

ACT Venturer Scouts aim to make their community a better place. At this current time approximately 25% of all homeless people are within 12-24 years of age. We believe that this issue affects young people disproportionately, and thus we decided that this year we would take upon the challenge of making our community service theme ‘homelessness’. We wish to do all that we can to make more people aware about the issue of homelessness and encourage involvement in events such as the Canberra Community Sleepout. ACT Venturer Scouts wish to make a positive and constructive contribution to our community and better the world for all. We would greatly appreciate every donation made, big or small. Every dollar counts.

K2 raised $4,380 for the team out of a total of $7,225.  Special acknowledgement goes to Hubbo, and all the very generous people in his work-a-day world, who made a notable contribution to the fundraising result.

Every dollar counts.  There is still time to donate if you feel so inspired:  go to the ACT Venturer Scouts page on the Community Sleepout webpage.  The donations portal is open until the end of October.

12144887_1200600013288847_82630175226444564_n Sleepout 1 IMG_0941

Scouts’ Spring Camp

The scouts launched their school holidays with a 3-night camp at Cottermouth.  The beautiful spring weather was a gift.  The camp was fun and productive including a practice run for Jamboree in putting up Kama’s dining fly.  We took some footage and plan to compile a video instruction manual to help newer generations learn how to manage our great gear properly.  Thank you Klaus, Jono and Ellie for  filming.  The highlight of the weekend was abseiling at Scout Rock, with our thanks to Branch Rock Team.