Monthly Archives: November 2015

Cubs’ Fire Awareness Night

Quoll was the Fireman-in-Chief tonight at Cubs, leading a fun evening focussed on Fire Awareness.  Our Cub Leaders are reaching new heights in the dressing up department.  We had Akela as a WWI nurse last week, and who can forget Quoll’s shiny disco gear for our fabulous night out on the Disco Train earlier this year!  Loving your work guys!! The Cubs are lucky to have you.

IMG_0054WWI Nurse

Construction Fun at Scouts

The scouts tested their creativity and their knots.  With only six spars at their disposal, their challege was to  create a “gate” that can be replicated for the Jamboree campsite at Cataract Park in January.  I only managed to get one photo, but the other gate was different but equally well designed and built.

ASM awarded to Ellie

Congratulations Ellie, Kama’s newest Australian Scout Medallion (ASM) recipient.  The medal was presented in front of the Troop at Kama Hall on Tuesday evening.  A formal presentation with All of the ACT’s ASM recipients will follow in early December.  Thanks Koala for your mentorship.

Ellie receives ASM_Nov2015