Rogaining for Beginners!

A small team of scouts and scout leaders tried their hand at Rogaining and were delighted to complete the course.  Not that they were feeling competitive or anything, but…. here’s the outcome:

  • We got 290 points (lost a few points as we were 1 minute late back – could have been a lot worse if we hadn’t run that last km!)
  • This puts us at 7th (ie last!) in the family category (although there were 3 teams on 290 points, we were last team in).
  • We were still first (and last) in the male family category!
  • Jessica and her mum beat us with 320 points 🙁
  • Overall we were 72nd of 75 teams.
  • I think we can only get better from here!!   🙂

Well done Andrew, Thomas, Jan, Penguin & Goanna!

Rogaining is the sport of long distance cross-country navigation. Teams of two to five members travel entirely on foot, navigating by map and compass. Teams select their own order of visiting checkpoints. Teamwork, endurance, competition, fun, and an appreciation of the natural environment are features of the sport. Teams start and finish from a central area.

Adventure for Venturers

Venturers from units across the ACT enjoyed a weekend of abseiling, caving, archery and kayaking at Wee Jasper.  The relaxed approach ensured everyone had a turn at whatever most appealed to them.  The water levels were a bit low for much success with the boats, but the rock and archery activities were great.  This was the first time the archery team has set up away from their purpose-built home base at Camp Cottermouth.  It was also an exciting first for Kestrel (Group Leader) who had remarkable beginners luck at archery including piercing the can with her first shot and again in the first round!  Sorry to boast.  I’m just a wee bit excited!


Cleaning up Australia


Clean Up Australia2Well done to a combined team of Kama and Southwell Scouts who spent a few hot hours on Sunday 6 March cleaning up a stretch of road leading to Ginninderra Falls.  What great service to our community!  (Is it wrong of me to say that “the community” shouldn’t need others to pick up their rubbish for them?)



Cubs’ Camping Skills Night

It was a lovely reminder not to over-think things!  The Cubs had so much fun last week learning how to put up tents.  Simple things we older folk simply dismiss as a necessary task or chore can be interesting and fun for Cubs (and others!).  On a balmy late-summer evening on the oval, the Cubs learnt stuff, and the Quartermaster got to do  a thorough condition check on the tents that went to Jamboree.   A successful evening all round.


Items for Sale

We have a number of hand-made hardwood timber boxes for sale.  We are parting with part of Kama’s history, but we have to focus on other priorities, so we are letting them go for $15 (small) and $25 (large).

  • Sturdy
  • Hand-made rustic charm
  • Various sizes
  • Many potential uses – interior decorator item, toy box, tool box, storage box.

Items are available for viewing and purchase at the Kama Scout Hall on Monday 7 March, 6.30pm to 8.00pm, and Tuesday 8 March 7.00pm to 9.00pm.  Cash only.  First in, first served.