2016 Freddo Fundraiser

How it works

We seek the assistance of families to sell one (or more) boxes of Freddo Frogs.  The Frogs cost $1 and each box contains an assortment of flavours.  Our Parent Reps will hand out boxes to those willing to receive them at your child’s weekly meeting for the first few weeks of Term 2.  Our Treasurer will email you an invoice for the box(es) you take, and when you have sold your box, simply pay the invoice online.  No need to worry about lugging in a pile of coins and finding the right person to pay.

Win a Prize!

TobleroneWe have a Giant Toblerone to give away.  For every box you sell by Week 6, receive three entries in the draw.  If you sell more boxes by the end of term, we’ll give you five tickets for each of those extra boxes.  This would be a great thing for a Cub, Scout or Venturer to share around a campfire or two with their Pack, Troop or Unit – no need to get through it in one go.  Chocolate fondue anyone?  Thanks Aimee for modelling for us, so we can see just how big that Toblerone really is!

Why are we doing this?

Yes, we know you cringe a bit at the thought of all that chocolate, and you are asking shouldn’t we be doing something “healthy” (or at least refraining from doing something that’s not healthy).  Well, we are open to your suggestions on that, but until we get some other options, and the passionate people willing to drive them, this is a simple, predictable and successful fundraising activity.

We don’t have a dedicated Fundraising Coordinator on our Committee, but we need one.  If you believe strongly in this, help us do something about it.