A Scout’s Story of Jamboree

By Lily.

This year Kama Scouts had an experience of a lifetime. At the start of January for two weeks we were in Sydney with 10,000 other scouts at the 2016 Australian Scout Jamboree. It was a camp that we will never forget. Here are the top 10 things we did.

1. Endurance

During endurance we were dropped off by bus at a random location.  We were then asked to walk around with a map finding and completing as many different activity stations as possible. Even though the weather was miserable, wet and muddy we loved every minute of it.

2. City Sites

We hated getting up early, 5:30 to hop on a bus but we got to wander around the city for a whole day by ourselves (yes no leaders). Imagine for 12 whole days scouts from Australia and around the world filling up the busses and taking over the trains. I wonder what the people of Sydney thought. But with all this freedom this was one excellent day for scouts.

3. Water Activities

We took busses again to get to the water activities, this time the activity was at the beach. We were in our patrols and we followed a different colour flag around to different activities. These activities included snorkeling,swimming,obstacle courses and geocaching. We had a great time except for the rain (if you were in patrols 2,4 or 6).

4. Jamberoo

Everyone agreed Jamberoo was the best. We were dumped at Jamberoo and told to stay happy and wet for the whole day. This was not that hard to do, Jamberoo has to be one of the biggest and best water parks in Australia. It beats big splash by miles. There was the Funnel Web (where you were dropped into a funnel and got splashed around until you slowed down enough to reach the bottom. And the Taipan (this was really fast) as well as the wave pool and many many others. I believe all of us wish we could go there again.

5. Cirque du Scout

The circus came to Jamboree. We were all put into a tent to watch a show of many fantastic circus acts including juggling and stilt walking. We were then separated into small groups and we got to practice many of the different acts they showed us. Even though it looked easy it really wasn’t. There were stumbles and falls and even flying balls. We enjoyed learning how to do many different tricks (even if we could not not do them yet) and trying new things we had not done before.

6. Brownsea Island

This activity site was run by many rovers. There were different bases like communication, navigation and construction. We completed different activities on the theme of the area. We made leather pouches and knot boards, we wrote codes and cracked them. We wandered around and participated in some traditional scouting activities with the rovers and scouts. This was one of the very fun but educational activities.

7. The Shed

The shed was an activity set up to help the community and to teach us skills about building and using power tools. There were three different stations. At the first base you helped build dog kennels and bird houses for the local RSPCA. At the second base you learnt how to cook and made scones which we ate afterwards much to our enjoyment. At the final base we used a variety of tools to make lights we could use in our tent. The shed was fun and we learnt how to use many tools safely and the work rules of a construction site.

8. Adventurous Activities

At adventurous activities we were given a card and told to do three out of fifteen different challenges. They were fun and usually involved some sort of team building as well as something to push you out of your comfort zone. There was low ropes, high ropes, challenge valley (extremely muddy but fun) and the stunt jump (this was not for the light hearted). And so many more.

9. Freetime

At the end of each day, when all jobs and activities were finished, we had time to hang out with each other. Everyone loved wandering around the mall and buy food drinks and souvenirs. There were night time activities like bike stunts and international night where you could watch performances from countries all over the world. This was a great opportunity to meet new people and trade a few badges.

10.Market Day/Future Scout and Visitors Day

This was the day for a relaxing and spending time with friends and family. We all received $10 JAM to spend at different stalls the scout group that won the most money would get a prize. Every troop run their own stall. At ours we had a backwards bike. We did not earn enough for the troop to win the competition, so instead we decided to split the money among ourselves. This was a really fun day full of friends family. It was also relaxing day wandering around many stalls and swapping loads of badges throughout the day.

So you see we all had a wonderful time and learned a lot. We will all treasure these memories and remember the 12 days at camp.