Kub Kar Rally

Another Kub Kar Rally has come and gone, and Kama was in the thick of it.

Akela was a marshall this year at the much-loved annual event. Cubs (with leader and parent help) assemble timber cars from kits in the weeks before the event, decorate them (sometimes with an eye just for good looks, and sometimes with a competitive attention to aerodynamics and speed!)  Then Cubs from all across Canberra assemble to race the cars on custom-built track.

KK Rally 2016-5 copy

KK Rally 2016-10

Entertaining Branch Conference

Kama Leaders Jackie, Bill, Amanda and Sarah enjoyed the Branch Conference yesterday, unpacking the Seven Secrets of Successful Scouting. The perspective from three “outside” speakers was fascinating.  Whether its scouting, government or business, there are of course core principles to doing things well.  We enjoyed hearing from Neil Savery, General Manager, Australian Building Codes Board, Rob Brierley, HR Director, PACCAR Australia (Kenworth Trucks!), and Claudia Vannithone, MD of AGENCY9.  We were encouraged to think about knowing where you want to go, and working out how to get there, both for our own group, and for scouting in the ACT more generally.  The day was interspersed with amusing skits performed by “real scouts”.  Two of those real scouts were Kama’s own Nick and Kireet.  They did a terrific job.  They are to be commended for volunteering their time to this event, which included two rehearsals before.

Kireet & Nick at Branch Conference

Chief Commissioners Award for Kestrel

We are very proud of our tireless Group Leader Kestrel who has been awarded the prestigious Chief Commissioners Award.

Kestrel accepted the award on behalf of Kama, saying that she had a great team behind her, but we all know that the award was given to her to recognise her tireless enthusiasm and efforts that continue to make Kama a fabulous group to be a part of. We are very lucky to have such a motivated and hard working Group Leader.

Well Done Kestrel!