Emergency…who ya gonna call?

Over the last few weeks both Cubs and Scouts have had the opportunity to visit the Belconnen Police Station for a guided tour, and the Scouts also visited the Belconnen SES headquarters.  We are very grateful to the busy staff and volunteers at all of these organisations for the time and kind attention given to us.

Bear said, “we had a great start to Term 3 last week when visiting the SES HQ in Belconnen last Thursday. We had a great introduction to SES, what they do and how they help, and then we split the troop into 3 groups where we did Communications, first aid/transport of injured person and pumping of water.

“We managed to get our radio comms going (the phonetic alphabet is very useful), we learnt how to strap an injured person to a stretcher and how to get that stretcher over a fence and we pumped water between barrels. Lesson learnt: Hold the hose tight or you get wet…”

There’s more to come in this themed series of outings, with the Scouts to visit AMSA (Australian Maritime Safety Authority) soon.