Science is awesome

Cubs, Scouts and Leaders had a great day out at ANU.  The SciScouts: Chemistry of Scouting activity was  co-hosted by Scouts ACT and the ANU School of Chemistry on Saturday 13 August 2016. The event was funded by a National Science Week grant supported by the Australian Government’s Inspiring Australia Initiative.

Many hands-on activities and talks were provided along a Chemistry theme, with sub-themes of Environment, Health, Bushcraft and Biology.  To make sure as many youth members could take part as possible, the event was run in two sessions, targetted to suit  the younger and older age groups.

Many ANU science students gave up their time to be demonstrators in the labs and outdoor activities, and no small number of volunteers across all roles were current or former scouters themselves, including a former Kama Scout who was a volunteer demonstrator with the blue-printing activity, and the liquid nitrogen icecream stall.