Cuboree Practice Camp

The Cubs had lovely weather for their last camp before Cuboree.  They enjoyed the wonderful setting of Honeysuckle Creek, getting in a final few nights under canvas before the Christmas break and before their big Cuboree adventure in January.  We must commend the Cub Leaders for working like trojans, too.

Joeys at John Knight Park

Tonight was the investiture of most of our new Joey Mob.  The wind was a trifle high but we had rain coats and carried on gamely.  We got the oath sworn, the badges and scarves distributed and then got on to other matters.  The Joeys constructed simple boats from timber off-cuts and sailed them through the thrilling rapids of the John Knight Park water course.  We finished with a shared picnic, just about beating the first spits of rain.  The Joey Mob was re-opened this term after a hiatus from Terms 1-3.  We’ve been bowled over by the enthusiasm of our newest recruits, including our lovely new Joey Leader, Sahi (Jess).  Welcome all!  Can’t wait to get back into it next year!

ASM for Sarah & Jessica

Congratulations to Sarah and Jessica for their achievement of the Australian Scout Medallion.  This, the pinnacle award in the Scout Section, was presented to all ACT awardees at a ceremony at the ACT Legislative Assembly last week.  Thank you to the Kama Scout Leaders, especially Koala, for their encouragement and support.  Achievement of each of the pinnacle awards (Grey Wolf for Cubs, ASM for Scouts, and Queen’s Scout for Venturers) requires team support, even though it is ultimately acknowledged as an individual achievement.  This presentation was preceded by a Kama-based presentation on the top of The Pinnacle last week by the ACT Scout Commissioner Alan Murray, with the evening stars and Canberra’s twinkling lights in the background.