Freddo Frogs

The Parent Support Committee will be rolling out its annual Cadbury fundraiser this term.  Boxes will be distributed in the coming weeks to those families willing to take them.  To eliminate the pain of returning all that pesky change, we will invoice you for $50.  Simply sell your box, keep the cash, and pay Kama electronically as per the invoice.

Engineering challenges

Set a variety of challenges, including “go high” and “tell a story”, the imaginative scouts put marshmallows and spaghetti to work.  You’ll notice the cut little marshmallow people in the feature image, part of a complex storyline that I cannot now remember in detail, but their was a story to it!  The size, height, breadth and gravity defying feats constructed by other groups was pretty impressive.

Slow Down in Birch Place

Have you noticed our new sign as you drive into Birch Place?

Did you know that there are three thriving child-centric groups operating in Birch Place and that means there is a lot of dropping off, picking up, and rushing not to be late, whether that’s for childcare, ballet or scouts.

We get it.  But please…  JUST TAKE IT EASY in Birch Place.

Slow Down Now

Venturers + Guides

K2 Venturers and Murrungundie Girl Guides had a joint night together on 1 June at Kama’s Hall, with a speaker from Beyond Blue.  It was great to observe the attentive behaviour, active listening and the quality of questions from everyone present.  The senior sections of Kama and Murrungundie have been doing a few things together this year, to the enjoyment and benefit of both groups.  Next joint activity:  Ice Blocking at Regatta Point.  Hoping for a good photo to show you what that means!