Awards for Kama Leaders

1st August is World Scout Day and the day on which the scouting movement honours the amazing people who have contributed to Scouting.  Kama awardees for 2017 are:

  • Special Service Award:  David Burns, Andrew Carstens and Heidi Rossendell
  • Meritorious Service Award:  Donna Priol and Steve Hubbard.

These wonderful people were nominated for their extra mile service to Kama and to scouting in general.  They make possible a vibrant and engaging weekly program at Kama; they initiate and run international scouting adventures;  they give up their weekend and annual leave to do section activities, group camps, ACT camps and Jamborees; they do extra training and contribute to higher level adventures for all ACT scouts such as Rock Team and Water Team.  They make our hall a functional,  safe and pleasant place to be, as well as income-producing!

Every day they walk the walk:  by their actions they demonstrate the spirit and values of scouting.  They are indeed special and meritorious.

On behalf of Kama, know that you are appreciated and that we thank you.


HERC Awardees 2017

Summary of Citations (they did heaps more than this)

Andrew Carstens (Bunyip).  Special Service Award for being an active, dependable leader and the backbone of the Scout Troop for four years when many of his fellow section leaders were juggling pressing family and work demands; for line leadership at two Australian Jamborees and three international scouting trips; and for his commitment to helping scouting youth learn and live by Scout values.

David Burns (MacGyver, formerly Baloo).  Special Service Award for generous contributions to the Cub, Scout and Venturer Section as Line Leader; contribution to Kama as Equipment Manager; for line leadership at two Cuborees and one Jamboree; and for services to the ACT Rock Team.

Heidi Rossendell (Brumby).  Special Service Award for outstanding leadership and logistical support to Kama’s “big adventures” locally and internationally; and her commitment to helping scouting youth learn and live by Scout values.

Donna Priol (Koala). Meritorious Service Award for her dedication to helping Cubs successfully link to scouts; and her support of 16 Kama senior scouts who achieved their Australian Scout Medallion over the years.

Steve Hubbard (Hubbo). Meritorious Service Award for the significant donations attracted for the refurbishment of the scout hall; his project management contribution to hall refurbishment projects; and his unforgettable contribution to Kama’s activity base at Cuboree 2017.