Joey Sleepover

The Joeys had a sleepover last weekend.  First they met at the Australian War Memorial and had a tour with Kestrel’s Dad, Bob.  Bob is a volunteer tour guide at the AWM and he had a pocket full of lollies which he shared out among the Joeys for good listening.  Kestrel and Sahi were good listeners too, but the lollies had run out by the time we reached the Enigma machine so we had to carry on bribe-less.  It’s fun being a Leader.  Just kidding.  We all had a good time.  The AWM never fails to deliver.

The Joeys caught an ACTION bus back to the hall and then there was hotdogs for dinner, a movie and a sleepover.

Thanks to Penguin for organising, and our lovely parents for providing logistical support.