Inclusion Award

Kama Scout Group, and leader Amanda Sheaves, were nominated in two categories by parent Lorraine Myatt for recognition in the 2017 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards.   The Inclusion Awards recognise the contributions made to improve the lives of people with a disability.  Amanda was a finalist, and ultimately the runner up, in the volunteer category. Well done Amanda!  And thank you for reflecting credit on scouting.

It was an honour to be in the company of so many fine people working across an array of roles in the disability sector including the volunteer sector, the public sector and the private sector .  Frankly, Kama does for Lucy and others no more and no less than we try to do for everyone – youth and adult – we try to make Kama a welcoming, engaging and rewarding place to be.

The Awards night was very exciting.  It was a glamourous evening in the Great Hall at the National Museum.   We got to frock up; there was great food and wine; terrific entertainment; and an inspirational guest speaker.  It was a heart-warming reminder of why it is so important to step outside of ourselves and participate in our community in some way or other.   The smallest contribution, even a contribution that feels like nothing special or out of the ordinary (it’s just what we do), does matter, and does make a difference to somebody, even if we don’t consciously set out to make it so.