Group Camp 2018

Our Group Camp was a tremendous success.  Nelligan turned on perfect weather for us, which was perfect considering we spent a lot of time on the water – in kayaks, canoes, standup paddleboards, at the beach and in the pool.

We performed investitures for Joeys, Cubs, Scouts and a Leader.  We feasted on home-made Indian curries.  We had a very enjoyable skit night featuring lots of very talented people of all ages

This was our biggest camp in recent memory.  On the peak night we had 140 people on site!

Many people contributed time to make this camp happen.  Sincere thanks to the advance site team Hubbo, Rob, Sarah, Luke and Leeanne; to Natasha (Treasurer) for keeping on top of invoicing and payments; the Gumbrells for organsing Skit Night; Hardip Patel for courageously accepting the challenge to cook an Indian Feast for the multitudes; Heidi Rossendell for putting in two full days on the water (I have ordered lots of Canoeing badges as a result) and for the hidden time that went into collecting, towing and returning the boats; Donna and Bear for organising a very memorable coastal hike; and all the many, many others who organised things, led actdivities, helped cook, clean and pack.

It was a wonderful camp.