ANZAC Day – by Jasper

On Tuesday the 24th of April 2018, the cubs had an amazing sleepover at the scout hall. Firstly, we set up our beds getting ready for an early morning the next day.

Two veterans came and talked about what their jobs were and what they carry to survive. Our leader, Kaa, is a Combat Engineer in the Army. He said that he is like a snail because he carries his house on his back.

The other guy’s name was Matt and he was a Ammunition Technical Officer in the Army. He taught us how to make a fingerprint and how to lift one accurately. He also gave us glow sticks.

There was also a lady named Belinda who worked in the Navy. She had a lot of jobs and spoke about submarines and how they operated.

Then we had spaghetti bolognese for dinner. It was delicious! We watched Sing and went to bed. Then at 0400 we woke up and left to go to the dawn service. It was nice.  There were thousands of people there! It was tiring because of the long walk but it was very interesting hearing the stories and the music.

We had pancakes for breakfast when we got back to the scout hall. We packed up and watched Minions. Thanks to the leaders for organising this fantastic event!


(The featured photo is from ANZAC Day 2017, showing Kama scouts Andrew and Kellan acting as placard bearers.)