How do we beat those pies!

Rajvi and Tim have revitalised Kama’s fundraising efforts this year.  The pie drive raised approximately $1,000.  It seemed pretty popular and now we know how great the product is, and what to expect as far as organisation goes, this is a fundraiser that we could do even better next time.

Next up is a Mini Fete and Jumble Sale.  

Mark the family calendar with the date now:  Saturday 15 September (2pm to 4.30pm).  This is an opportunity both to buy and sell. If you enjoyed our home-cooked Indian Feast at Group Camp, come to the Mini Fete to pick up some curry for late lunch or early dinner, or to take home for later.  Browse the trash and treasure, and the cake stall.  If you want to have a clean-out at home, consider buying a $20 table/site and selling off your excess stuff.  You keep the profit from your sales.  Either way, please  help by donating cakes and preserves, a little of your time to help run this event, and spend a few dollars to support Kama.

Easy day out at a classic car show – helping charity, helping Kama.  

The next week, Sunday 23 September, Kama will be collecting donations at the gate and selling raffle tickets at the Queanbeyan Showground at a hugely popular car show.  The bulk of the proceeds will go to charity, but Kama gets a contribution for its role.  We’ll let you know more in due course.

BBQs – Bunnings and Emergency Services Open Day

We hope to be invited to run a BBQ at the popular Emergency Services Open Day again.  We’ll need volunteers if we get it.  We will get a Bunnings BBQ in the second half of the year and should find out the date soon.  Again – we will need your help.  Stay tuned.  You’ll know when we know.  BBQs are highly effective fundraisers.  It is not uncommon to make a profit of $1,500 from a BBQ.  With sufficient people giving a mere 2 hour shift of volunteer time, the effort required is relatively minor in comparison to the good returns.

Enquiries and offers to: