Kama Scouts win CURE (for 3rd time!)

The CURE is a relatively new annual event in the ACT scouting calendar.  It is an event for the Scout Section.  CURE stands for Canberra Urban Rogaining Event.  Rogaining is like orienteering.  Runners find their way across open country with a map and compass.  In this case (CURE) it is held as an urban event.  Participants or teams who find the most checkpoints within the set time limit win.

Kama’s senior scout, Ellen, has led Kama’s team in the CURE for the last three years, and led it to victory each time!  Well done Ellen!

This year the team consisted of Ellen, Cassie, Patrick, Jan and Jarrah (unfortunately Jarrah had to withdraw part-way through the course), who covered an astonishing 33km on the day and reach all 50 checkpoints.



Kama Scout Group

Kama Scout Group is a vibrant group active in many fields of scouting.  We offer scout programs for Joeys, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers.  Our leaders are keen, friendly, talented people whose interests and abilities cover a wide scope of useful skills including hiking, camping, skiing, caving, archery, canoeing/kayaking, land-care, construction and more.  We participate in exciting branch and national events such as Cuborees, Jamborees and Venturers, and international scouting opportunities are regularly available.  In addition we generate a great range of programs in-house for Kama youth.