Alex P writes about Rock Camp

“Camp was fun! We did caving and abseiling which were both great! Caving was good because we got to adventure in cool places like “Signature Cave” with professional cavers helping us. Abseiling was scary at first, but it turned out to be so exciting. I’m really looking forward to the next camp with all my friends!”  Alexander P

Cubs prep for caving

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Joeys had a great term, ending with a trip to the Zoo and a sleepover at the hall.

Cubs enjoyed a science theme all term.  They had a great day out at SciScouts and visited Mt Stromlo Observatory (gosh that was an icy cold night!!).  They finished with a caving camp at Wee Jasper.


Venturers played with fire, and some of them went to Vanuatu.

And the Jumble Sale!  What a hoot that was!  Thanks again to everyone for their support.