Snorkelling Cubs

Barlings Beach and Guerrilla Beach at Tomakin were the scene for the last Cub camp of the year.  After a full term of water skills practice, the Cubs went snorkelling.

The water was a lot colder than expected for late November, nevertheless everyone was game.  We were fortunate to have expertise within the Kama family.  Rama and Raksha’s Dad, and Jacob’s Dad both have diving quals, and kindly helped out at the camp.

Thanks to everyone who brought this ambitious camp together.  What a lucky pack of Cubs we have at Kama.

Cub Regatta

Kama Cubs had a ball at the inaugural Cub Regatta hosted by the Lake Ginninderra Sea Scouts. Led by Owl, with support from Kama’s water-qualified leaders Eccles and Brumby, the Canoe Regatta was designed as a day focussing on canoe and watermanship activities.

Cub Regatta Nov 2018