Snorkelling Cubs

Barlings Beach and Guerrilla Beach at Tomakin were the scene for the last Cub camp of the year.  After a full term of water skills practice, the Cubs went snorkelling.

The water was a lot colder than expected for late November, nevertheless everyone was game.  We were fortunate to have expertise within the Kama family.  Rama and Raksha’s Dad, and Jacob’s Dad both have diving quals, and kindly helped out at the camp.

Thanks to everyone who brought this ambitious camp together.  What a lucky pack of Cubs we have at Kama.

Cub Regatta

Kama Cubs had a ball at the inaugural Cub Regatta hosted by the Lake Ginninderra Sea Scouts. Led by Owl, with support from Kama’s water-qualified leaders Eccles and Brumby, the Canoe Regatta was designed as a day focussing on canoe and watermanship activities.

Cub Regatta Nov 2018

Alex P writes about Rock Camp

“Camp was fun! We did caving and abseiling which were both great! Caving was good because we got to adventure in cool places like “Signature Cave” with professional cavers helping us. Abseiling was scary at first, but it turned out to be so exciting. I’m really looking forward to the next camp with all my friends!”  Alexander P

Cubs prep for caving

More from the Kama Kommunicator

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Joeys had a great term, ending with a trip to the Zoo and a sleepover at the hall.

Cubs enjoyed a science theme all term.  They had a great day out at SciScouts and visited Mt Stromlo Observatory (gosh that was an icy cold night!!).  They finished with a caving camp at Wee Jasper.


Venturers played with fire, and some of them went to Vanuatu.

And the Jumble Sale!  What a hoot that was!  Thanks again to everyone for their support.

Kama Scouts win CURE (for 3rd time!)

The CURE is a relatively new annual event in the ACT scouting calendar.  It is an event for the Scout Section.  CURE stands for Canberra Urban Rogaining Event.  Rogaining is like orienteering.  Runners find their way across open country with a map and compass.  In this case (CURE) it is held as an urban event.  Participants or teams who find the most checkpoints within the set time limit win.

Kama’s senior scout, Ellen, has led Kama’s team in the CURE for the last three years, and led it to victory each time!  Well done Ellen!

This year the team consisted of Ellen, Cassie, Patrick, Jan and Jarrah (unfortunately Jarrah had to withdraw part-way through the course), who covered an astonishing 33km on the day and reach all 50 checkpoints.



Kama Scout Group

Kama Scout Group is a vibrant group active in many fields of scouting.  We offer scout programs for Joeys, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers.  Our leaders are keen, friendly, talented people whose interests and abilities cover a wide scope of useful skills including hiking, camping, skiing, caving, archery, canoeing/kayaking, land-care, construction and more.  We participate in exciting branch and national events such as Cuborees, Jamborees and Venturers, and international scouting opportunities are regularly available.  In addition we generate a great range of programs in-house for Kama youth.

Header_Snow Camp

Snow Camp

18 scouts, 6 leaders and some parent helpers left Kama hall Friday and camped overnight at Sawpit Creek.
We arrived the camp ground Friday night after a stop in Cooma to pick up skis (Bear’s ski box can hold 18 pairs of cross country skis and 22 pairs of cross country poles!) with most of the tents already pitched (thanks Wren, Bunyip, Fox, Seal, Patrick, Alex and Thomas).  After a quick bite to eat (the traditional toasted sandwiches) it was time to  get into our sleeping bags.
During the night we had strong winds but the wind was “high” so only affected the tree tops, not our tents. The positive side effect was also dry tents on Saturday morning. After a large cooked breakfast and cereal it was time to drive to Perisher.
After parking close to the main car park we offloaded the skis and walked up the hill to the cross country tracks. The strong winds overnight had polished the snow (as in: very icy) but some of the tracks were groomed and we set off in the middle of a cross country ski race (note to Bear: Next year try to avoid the Perisher XC Ski Week…).
All scouts did at least the 2.5 km loop, and I think everybody learnt that polished snow (as in ice) is fairly hard when you fall and slippery when going uphill. A bit earlier than expected we got hit by a snow storm/blizzard – the bad news was the reduced visibility and the colder temperature, the good news was that we got fresh snow that made it easier to ski.
After the 2.5 km loop, we all went to the National Park shelter for lunch and some scouts even found time for some snow ball throwing fun! The weather was getting worse and the storm would increase in strength so we left a bit earlier than planned and drove back to Canberra with a stop in Cooma to hand back the skis.
We arrived back at the hall at approx 5:30pm on Saturday and we all agreed that the trip in summary was great fun. (Bear’s mental note to self: Having five girls in the car means that you will be exposed to a lot of music you do not normally listen to…. Banana Phone still goes on replay in my head…)
I have attached some pictures from our trip – and the last couple show that we left in time – just a few hours later it was necessary to have chains from Sawpit Creek towards Perisher…

How do we beat those pies!

Rajvi and Tim have revitalised Kama’s fundraising efforts this year.  The pie drive raised approximately $1,000.  It seemed pretty popular and now we know how great the product is, and what to expect as far as organisation goes, this is a fundraiser that we could do even better next time.

Next up is a Mini Fete and Jumble Sale.  

Mark the family calendar with the date now:  Saturday 15 September (2pm to 4.30pm).  This is an opportunity both to buy and sell. If you enjoyed our home-cooked Indian Feast at Group Camp, come to the Mini Fete to pick up some curry for late lunch or early dinner, or to take home for later.  Browse the trash and treasure, and the cake stall.  If you want to have a clean-out at home, consider buying a $20 table/site and selling off your excess stuff.  You keep the profit from your sales.  Either way, please  help by donating cakes and preserves, a little of your time to help run this event, and spend a few dollars to support Kama.

Easy day out at a classic car show – helping charity, helping Kama.  

The next week, Sunday 23 September, Kama will be collecting donations at the gate and selling raffle tickets at the Queanbeyan Showground at a hugely popular car show.  The bulk of the proceeds will go to charity, but Kama gets a contribution for its role.  We’ll let you know more in due course.

BBQs – Bunnings and Emergency Services Open Day

We hope to be invited to run a BBQ at the popular Emergency Services Open Day again.  We’ll need volunteers if we get it.  We will get a Bunnings BBQ in the second half of the year and should find out the date soon.  Again – we will need your help.  Stay tuned.  You’ll know when we know.  BBQs are highly effective fundraisers.  It is not uncommon to make a profit of $1,500 from a BBQ.  With sufficient people giving a mere 2 hour shift of volunteer time, the effort required is relatively minor in comparison to the good returns.

Enquiries and offers to: