How do we beat those pies!

Rajvi and Tim have revitalised Kama’s fundraising efforts this year.  The pie drive raised approximately $1,000.  It seemed pretty popular and now we know how great the product is, and what to expect as far as organisation goes, this is a fundraiser that we could do even better next time.

Next up is a Mini Fete and Jumble Sale.  

Mark the family calendar with the date now:  Saturday 15 September (2pm to 4.30pm).  This is an opportunity both to buy and sell. If you enjoyed our home-cooked Indian Feast at Group Camp, come to the Mini Fete to pick up some curry for late lunch or early dinner, or to take home for later.  Browse the trash and treasure, and the cake stall.  If you want to have a clean-out at home, consider buying a $20 table/site and selling off your excess stuff.  You keep the profit from your sales.  Either way, please  help by donating cakes and preserves, a little of your time to help run this event, and spend a few dollars to support Kama.

Easy day out at a classic car show – helping charity, helping Kama.  

The next week, Sunday 23 September, Kama will be collecting donations at the gate and selling raffle tickets at the Queanbeyan Showground at a hugely popular car show.  The bulk of the proceeds will go to charity, but Kama gets a contribution for its role.  We’ll let you know more in due course.

BBQs – Bunnings and Emergency Services Open Day

We hope to be invited to run a BBQ at the popular Emergency Services Open Day again.  We’ll need volunteers if we get it.  We will get a Bunnings BBQ in the second half of the year and should find out the date soon.  Again – we will need your help.  Stay tuned.  You’ll know when we know.  BBQs are highly effective fundraisers.  It is not uncommon to make a profit of $1,500 from a BBQ.  With sufficient people giving a mere 2 hour shift of volunteer time, the effort required is relatively minor in comparison to the good returns.

Enquiries and offers to:


2018 committee in place

Kama held its Annual Meeting on Monday 19 March at which the  achievements of the group and various individuals were acknowledged, and the 2018 Group Support Committee was formed.

Group Leader Jackie Stenhouse thanked outgoing Committee Chair, Louise Ray for her services to the group.  Louise was Committee Chair in 2017 and Secretary for two years prior to that.  The 2018 Parent Support Committee is:

Chair:  Alan Foulkes (Joey Dad)
Treasurer:  Natasha Adnams (Cub Mum)
Secretary:  Marin Dickens (Cub Mum)
Hall Hire Convenor:  Holly Bidwell (Cub Mum)
Website/Comms Officer:  Kevin Yeo (Joey Dad)
Fundraising Support:  Tim Miller (Cub & Joey Dad), Rajvi Shah (Cub Mum)
Equipment Manager:  Ken Wedgwood (Cub Leader & Venturer Dad)



Inclusion Award

Kama Scout Group, and leader Amanda Sheaves, were nominated in two categories by parent Lorraine Myatt for recognition in the 2017 ACT Chief Minister’s Inclusion Awards.   The Inclusion Awards recognise the contributions made to improve the lives of people with a disability.  Amanda was a finalist, and ultimately the runner up, in the volunteer category. Well done Amanda!  And thank you for reflecting credit on scouting.

It was an honour to be in the company of so many fine people working across an array of roles in the disability sector including the volunteer sector, the public sector and the private sector .  Frankly, Kama does for Lucy and others no more and no less than we try to do for everyone – youth and adult – we try to make Kama a welcoming, engaging and rewarding place to be.

The Awards night was very exciting.  It was a glamourous evening in the Great Hall at the National Museum.   We got to frock up; there was great food and wine; terrific entertainment; and an inspirational guest speaker.  It was a heart-warming reminder of why it is so important to step outside of ourselves and participate in our community in some way or other.   The smallest contribution, even a contribution that feels like nothing special or out of the ordinary (it’s just what we do), does matter, and does make a difference to somebody, even if we don’t consciously set out to make it so.



Freddo Frogs

The Parent Support Committee will be rolling out its annual Cadbury fundraiser this term.  Boxes will be distributed in the coming weeks to those families willing to take them.  To eliminate the pain of returning all that pesky change, we will invoice you for $50.  Simply sell your box, keep the cash, and pay Kama electronically as per the invoice.

Volunteering at the Marathon

Today a hardy band of Kama volunteers manned “Drink Station 5” on Parkes Way, for the runners in the Half Marathon, Marathon and Ultra Marathon.

On site by 5.30am for a beautiful dawn, we nevertheless had much more rain than sun.  But we remained cheerful and it was all good fun. Not only did we provide a much-appreciated service for the runners, we have earned a small contribution to Kama’s kitty.

JJ’s Big Day Out

JJ is the mascot of the Kama Joey Section. JJ has been on many adventures with Kama’s Joeys.  JJ has even been to international scouting events. However, there is no place likek home, and last weekend JJ was living life to the full at the Kama Group Camp at Wee Jasper, under the careful eye of Shanlin.

There was so much to do at camp!  JJ was at archery; he went caving; he played hungry hippos; he mucked about in the creek; he had the best roast dinner ever; he made new friends with Cubs, Scouts and Venturers; and he checked in to make sure Penguin was having a nice time too.


Adult Scouting Awards

Eight Kama people were announced as recipients of Adult Recognition Awards today (World Scouting Day – 1 August 2016).  They were nominated by their peers for giving “extra mile” service to scouting.   Congratulations to Sarah Smith, Clayton Gumbrell, Amanda Sheaves, Jackie Stenhouse, Ken Wedgwood and Bill Woodruff.  The annual award round is an opportunity to acknowledge not only leaders, who are very visible, but also the quiet achievers behind the scenes.  Two important supporters from the Kama Parent Committee were also acknowledged today:  Kama’s Committee Chair, Kate Boesen, and Treasurer, Ian Gordon.

2016 HERC Awardees