About Scouting

The websites of Scouts Australia and Scouts ACT provide great generic information about scouting, including descriptions about the style of each age grouping in scouting (we call these “Sections”), and information about the badge system.

Scouting is not religious, but it is unashamedly focussed on values.  The Scout Promise and Law are a code of living, the meaning of which is expanded as the scouting member grows towards maturity.  Scouting is very deliberately structured to help its members (in conjunction of course with other experiences and influences in their lives) to emerge as principle-centred adults, ready and willing to take their place in their community.

Whilst all this may sound rather serious, in fact, Scouting achieves these aims by engaging with children, ensuring they have fun, helping them to achieve, and immersing them in the sheer joy of doing.