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Scouting with Kama

Section Age of Members Meeting Time Leaders
Joey Scouts 5 to 7 Not currently meeting Muttaburrasaurus
Cub Scouts 8 to 11 Monday 6.30–8.00pm Kaa, Eagle, Quokka
Scouts 11 to 14 Tuesday 7.00–9.00pm Bear, Fox, Bunyip, Seal, Wren, Frog, Koala
Venturers 14 to 17 Wednesday 7.00–9.00pm Micko, Jaguar
Group Leader Please use the Contact Us form Luke O’Connor

Kama Scout Group is a vibrant group active in many fields of scouting.  We offer scout programs for Joey Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Venturer Scouts.  Our leaders are keen, friendly, talented people whose interests and abilities cover a wide scope of useful skills including hiking, camping, skiing, caving, archery, canoeing/kayaking, land-care, construction and more.  We participate in exciting branch and national events such as Cuborees, Jamborees and Ventures, and international scouting opportunities are regularly available.  In addition we generate a great range of programs in-house for Kama youth.

We are a community of volunteers.  We prosper with active family support.

Before landscaping

We expect families to participate as fully as they can in the life of the group.  There are many ways to do this:  encourage your children to attend meetings and weekend activities regularly and participate yourself when you can; pay your fees; help with fundraising; help with activities when the leaders need it; join the committee; become an official “Adult Helper”; become a Leader; understand and comply with the rules and policies of Scouts ACT, especially with regard to the Working with Vulnerable People laws.

A bit of history

The Kama Scout Group has been providing scouting in the Macquarie district for more than 40 years.  Kama grew from the amalgamation of 1st Cook Pack (Cubs), later named the Mount Painter Troop, and 1st Macquarie.  Both these groups were formed in 1969 and shared the hall we continue to use today.  They amalgamated in 1980 and took the name Kama.  Kama is a word derived from the name of the local aboriginal people, the Gama, and it became the name of one of the early white settler properties.  The ruins of the Kama homestead can be found nearby in Canberra Nature Park ‘The Pinnacle”.  It is also understood that the word signifies both a young tree and spearhead.  These meanings helped inspire the Kama logo.

"After" – Parade Circle and Pizza Oven
“After” – Parade Circle and Pizza Oven