Financial assistance

Assistance is available to enable children – who might otherise be unable to do so – to become Youth Members or to participate fully in the activities of the scouting movement.

At Kama a number of mechanisms exist to help families who are challenged by the cost of scouting, or the cost of specific scouting activities.

  • Fees can be paid by instalment over the year.
  • Fee reductions/waivers can be sponsored by the Scout Fund (administered by Scouts ACT).
  • Activity and participation costs can be sponsored by the Quiggin Fund (administered by Kama Scout Group).
  • Profit sharing with Kama fundraising activities may be offered from time to time.
  • Kama annual fees are 100% free for Leaders’ children.
  • We have a stock of clothing and personal equipment available for loan.
The Scout Fund

Through the generosity of the Lord Baden-Powell Society (national) and the Arthur Shakespeare Foundation for Scouting (ACT), the ACT Branch holds a fund from which assistance is available to enable children who might otherwise be uanble to do so, to become Youth Members, or to participate fully in the activities of the Movement.  Assistance may be provided towards annual Branch registration fee, special event fees (like Jamboree, Cuboree, Venture) and purchase of uniform.  The nature of the assistance will be decided in each case by the Fund Administrator.  Contact the Kama Group Leader for more information.

The Quiggin Fund

Through the generosity of Kama friend Mr Peter Quiggin, and the Kama Parent Support Committee, this fund assists Kama youth members in genuine financial need with everyday activity and participation costs, especially costs associated with scout outings, uniform and gear.  The fund does not support payment of Branch or Group Fees.  The Quiggin Fund is administered by a subcommittee consisting of the Group Leader, the Group Chairperson and the Group Treasurer.

Contact the Group Leader for more information.  All enquiries are treated in confidence.