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Keeping Kama

Adult Support

ScoutLeadersWhen your child joins Kama Scout Group, the family enters into a reciprocal relationship with the group.  We are a volunteer, non-profit, community organisation.  We are not a fee-for-service enterprise.  That means that families must contribute to the group in return for the group’s contribution to the well-being of their child.  The Kama Scout Group is sustained by the time, creativity and care of the adults involved.  There are many ways to give.  Read What Can I Do to Help? to find out how.


Adult leaders are usually parents, although of course not in every case.  They follow their children into, through and out of scouts.  It’s a natural sequence.  For this reason leader recruitment is a continuous process.  Please consider becoming a scout leader.  See what some of our leaders have to say about why they joined up, and what they like about leading…Leader Poster A3 (11.4 MB).  Talk to a Kama leader you know, or contact the Group Leader to learn more.JoeyLeaderPhoto

What kind of Leader are you?

Sometimes the choice is easy:  people choose to lead in their child’s section.  But if that is not a factor, here are a few pointers to help you decide which section would be a good match for you.

Are you a Joey Leader?
  • Joeys are aged 5-8
  • Do you enjoy youngsters’ energy, innocence and cuteness?
  • Are you patient and cheerful?
  • Are you happy doing craft, making things, and playing games?
Are you a Cub Leader?
  • Cubs are aged 8-11
  • Do you enjoy teaching children simple skills?
  • Are you available for occasional sleepovers or one-night camps?
  • Are you up for the occasional weekend afternoon walk?
  • Are you a fair but firm referee for vigorous indoor and outdoor games?
Are you a Scout Leader?
  • Scouts are aged 11-14
  • Scouts is ACTION!
  • Do you like to camp, bushwalk, ski, kayak, build things?
  • Are you a “can do” give-it-a-go person who enjoys the outdoors?
  • Are you able to take your turn at 1, 2 and 3-night camps?
  • If none of the above, are you an organiser?  All of this action has to be managed!!
Are you a Venturer Leader?
  • Venturers are aged 14-17 (or completion of Year 12)
  • Are you a mentoring type?
  • Are you able to guide, and resist the urge to “boss”
  • Do you have good rapport with teenagers?
  • Do you have good outdoors skills, but don’t necessarily want to do the hikes and camps yourself?