What does the committee do?

The Committee and the Group Leader have a symbiotic relationship in which each supports and advises the other to keep the scout group financially sound, safely housed (or “hall-ed”) and well-equipped, so that the kids and scout leaders can get out there and do amazing, scouty things all year long.  Groups without a functional committee find it very difficult indeed to remain viable.

Some committee roles are intermittent or episodic.  The others can be broken into smaller components and shared.  It is possible to make a contribution that is both useful and personally satisfying, even in our fast-moving and time-poor environment.

How much time is involved?

It truly depends on the role.  We embrace all opportunities for efficiency, using various on-line platforms for banking and book-keeping, emailing and communications, and volunteer sign-up.  This means that many tasks can be completed at home, flexibly.  The committee meets once per term, plus an end of the year meeting to tie up loose ends.   Rather than flood you with detail here, contact the Group Leader for a full-disclosure, no-obligation enquiry about committee roles at Kama.


Works with the Group Leader to run the group by organising and chairing regular parent committee meetings and helping to coordinate the work of the other committee members.  Authorises all payments raised by the Treasurer.


Using the ACT Scout Association’s cloud-based bookkeeping system, Xero, prepares fee notices and other invoices, receives and banks monies, pays Kama’s bills, reimburses expenses, monitors Kama’s financial situation and reports regularly to committee.  Is a signatory on all bank accounts.  With the exception of depositing cash occasionally, all banking and bookkeeping is done electronically. This role can be shared.


Prepares the agenda and takes minutes at committee meetings.  Occasionally prepares outgoing correspondence and assists in the administration of the committee where necessary.

Hall Hire Convenor

Answers queries from prospective hall hirers.  Coordinates with regular and casual hall hirers.  Oversees the hall cleaner.  Most matters are managed via email, but from time to time the Hall Hire Convenor meets prospective or current hirers on site, in person, for inspections or key handover.  This role can be shared.

Fundraising Convenor

Organises the various fundraising activities.  Kama has a good income stream from hall hire at the moment.   This position requires someone or a small team to manage our small suite of annual fundraising activities:  Bunnings (and sometimes other) BBQ, Chocolates, Fun Run marshalling.  Additional ideas for fundraising are always welcome of course, especially if they foster community-building or offer community service opportunities for our youth members, but there is no necessity at the moment for “more” fundraising than we currently do.  This role can be shared, or done on a one-event/case-by-case basis by different people throughout the year.

Purchasing Officer

Shop for minor supplies as requested:  bandaids for the first aid kit; pens/whiteboard markers; toilet paper; detergent; that kind of thing.

Equipment Manager (Quartermaster)

Keeps an accurate inventory, and maintains Kama camping and outdoor equipment in good condition.  Arranges repairs and purchases of equipment.  Oversees the use and return of equipment by the scouting sections.  This role can be shared.

Membership Secretary

Maintains membership records for the group on the ACT Scout membership database.   Completes annual membership census for the group.

General Support

Liaise between your child’s section and the committee; help out with whatever the committee is doing where an extra hand is needed; contribute your ideas and experience to our planning decisions.  Help with the website, facebook page and newsletters would be appreciated.